Five upcoming features of whatsapp 2020 [updated] news.

Upcoming features of WhatsApp

Upcoming features of WhatsApp
Upcoming features of WhatsApp

Friends WhatsApp most popular messaging platform recently going to add five most interesting features in WhatsApp here i am going to share u five upcoming features of Whatsapp here. This will be most helpful for u.

Facebook story share feature in WhatsApp

Hello friends first Intresting upcoming feature of WhatsApp is Facebook story sharing feature. Friends when this feature will be added in WhatsApp, u can so easily u can share your Facebook story in WhatsApp in one click and can share with your friends, group’s in WhatsApp u can easily and personally share specific persons WhatsApp number and make popular with your friend circle. This feature will add very soon in your WhatsApp.

Profile picture protection feature on WhatsApp

Another upcoming features of WhatsApp is now your profile picture will be safe. No one can download your profile pictures in WhatsApp, even also no one can’t take screenshots your profile picture on WhatsApp. In this features your profile picture will be full safe on WhatsApp.

Add WhatsApp contact with qr code

Next upcoming features of WhatsApp is, now u van add your friends contract number without typing. Now u can add contact by your friends WhatsApp qr code. Which will be more easy and secure.

Night mode features on WhatsApp

Next upcoming features of WhatsApp is night mode features. In this features now u can easily use your WhatsApp in night. And your smartphone battery life will be more. And in this features this will safe your eyes in night for more light.

Upcoming album layout of WhatsApp

Next and today’s last upcoming features of WhatsApp is new album layout features. In this feature u can now send multiple images at a time in WhatsApp and it will be shown in one albums frame all photos in one album frame. This will be more helpful fo see images in one album in WhatsApp.

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